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Below you will find all up-to-date CaNVAS-IBD publications in medical journals, magazines, websites and hospitals.

CTV Interview
CaNVAS-IBD Winnipeg

To raise awareness of CaNVAS-IBD Manitoba site, Constance Patmore, the NP in Manitoba, was interviewed on CTV Winnipeg (Mar 2024). The interview includes an overview of the nature of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and a summary of the implications of having a virtual care coordinator to help triage IBD care in the province. 

Camera Operator

Canadian Family Physician Publication 

In January 2024, we published an article in the Canadian Family Physician journal to highlight the lessons learned in providing virtual care in IBD. This article is intended to raise awareness of our program in Canadian primary care and also included practical tips in coordinating virtual care for patients with IBD. 

Digital Devices

Canadian Healthcare Technology

CaNVAS-IBD was cited in April 2023 (p. 4) issue of Canadian Healthcare Technology. Canadian Healthcare Technology is a medical magazine for sharing technology innovations in healthcare across hospitals, continuing care facilities and home care organizations.

Award of Excellence in Quality and Safety- Sinai Health

CaNVAS-IBD telemedicine program was selected as the winning application of 2022 Quality and Safety Award by Sinai Health. This was presented virtually during Sinai Health Quality and Safety Symposium for outstanding achievement from an inter professional team. 

Image by Giorgio Trovato
Modern Senior Woman

Mount Sinai Hospital
Crohn's and Colitis Canada

Health Insight

Prior to start of CaNVAS-IBD, Dr. Geoffrey Nguyen shared the impact of virtual care on the future of IBD diagnosis. This was cited on Health Insight, a Mediaplanet content hub that is dedicated to informing Canadians about healthcare innovations and best practices in disease management and prevention.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Arseny Togulev

Ontario Hospital Association 


In 2020, we shared the design, process and impact of our program to bridge gaps in access to IBD care in Ontario. This was published on Ontario Hospital association in 2020 (p. 54-56). 

Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology 


After 18 months of the start of IBD virtual care program in Ontario, we published our preliminary findings in 2019 at the Journal of Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (JCAG). This was the article with highest Altimetric rating of the year at JCAG. 

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